Product can be a nebulous thing. Sometimes, it is a function of IT; sometimes, it is a function of marketing, and other times it is bundled up into an individual line of business. Inconsistencies in ownership and ambiguous mandates can lead product teams in all types of organizations to function as a reactive stop-gap rather than a strategic salve.

A successful product team that can connect customer needs with measurable outcomes over the long term is a product team.

What is a full-stack product team? Engineers have long used the term “full-stack” to indicate individuals capable of developing both the…

Tips to help inform your remote welcome strategy

We’ve all been the ‘new person’ at a job at some point in our lives. As that new person, an onboarding experience is something you always remember; it gives you an idea of how ‘together’ a company really is and serves as a first impression. When the pandemic began, Method needed to rethink how to welcome new hires so they would still feel like an integral part of our community, even from behind our screens. We brought on more than 65 remote hires in the last year, so we had to get creative.

Remote new hires are automatically at a…

How to empower your employees through a digital transformation

If you’re leading the digital transformation for your organization, think of the top five things you’re solving for. Portfolio strategy, infrastructure investments and customer experience are likely on your list. Now, think again: where do your employees rank on the list? Are they even on the list?

When driving digital transformation, many leaders seek to hire new digital roles, but leave their current employees — the lifeblood of any business — to navigate sweeping changes without the right tools. In our work at Method, we’ve seen this first hand:

  • At an international airport committed to delivering a world-class passenger experience…

Why we should see customer support as a strategic capability instead of a cost center

By Abraham Espinosa, Design Director at Method

You’re buying something online when the loading spinner suddenly appears. Anxiety sets in.

You may wait three or four seconds, then start to spiral: Why is it taking so long? Should I click somewhere to cancel? Will it charge me twice if I refresh? One second later, the spinner disappears, your payment is confirmed, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

But what if the spinner never stopped spinning? Where would you go for support?

If you’re dealing with a “white glove” service, you may quickly find a phone number with a human…

Method Year in Review 2020

It was January 2020, and we were blissfully unaware. The New Yorkers were slurping noodles together near our studio in Chinatown, and the Londoners were going for pints at The Owl and Pussycat after workshops in our Shoreditch studio. We were on planes and trains to meet clients in San Diego, Portland, Bangalore, Zurich, and Paris.

As designers and strategists, we often advise our clients on the need for resilience, and we espouse the importance of embracing ambiguity and uncertainty. Our words were stress-tested this year, to say the least. But they didn’t come up empty. …

Engage both sides of your brain to build organizational resilience

By Nicole Lenzen, Associate Director of Product Management at Method

In the midst of rapid technological, economic, and consumer change (nevermind a global pandemic), many companies are rethinking the way they do business. You may be considering a redesign of your customer experience, transitioning to paperless workflows, or adapting your business model due to market shifts. The roles of product managers are increasingly critical to driving the success of large-scale digital migrations, from defining a project vision to implementing its rollout.

Standing up a product management discipline at your company may seem daunting, but adopting a product management mindset is…

A recipe for a successful data-driven value chain

By Dr. Lusine Tarkhanyan, Associate Director of Design Technology at Method

From nursing homes to neurotechnology to private equity, companies in all sectors face a similar challenge: they know they need to evolve their offerings and operations to become more customer-centric, and they know they need data to get there. Yet the prospect of gathering, processing and interpreting that data into something actionable is often overwhelming.

If your business offers digital products or services, you are probably flooded with a considerable amount of structured and unstructured data of varying units, scales and time periods. It is likely your organization either…

An actionable approach to customer experience improvement

By Priyanka Gaitonde, Associate Director of Business Design at Method

“On a scale of zero to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend [X Company] to a friend or colleague?” This is a familiar question that you have probably answered or your company has asked. Customer responses define your company’s Net Promoter Score, which is widely regarded as the best way to gauge customer loyalty.

Although the NPS framework asks a fairly simple question, knowing how to translate the responses into timely and meaningful improvements to the customer experience is not as straightforward. …

How PE firms can innovate with human-centered design

By Priyanka Gaitonde, Associate Director of Business Design at Method

In the last few years, many private equity firms have been expanding their portfolios with acquisitions in technology companies whose main output is innovation and intellectual property, in a race to spot the next Google or Apple. Vista and Thoma Bravo have invested $16 and $12.6 billion, respectively, in technology companies, and Advent and Bain Capital have been betting heavy on IP-driven companies with specialist technology funds, according to Bain. While these purchases intend to reward many PEs with superior returns, long-term investments in IP-driven companies (given their innovative nature…

By Stuart George, Executive Director of Design Technology at Method

When Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon, wanted to improve his email conversion metrics, he turned to data analysis. His team tested the impact of sending two emails per day instead of one, and found that, while more double-emailed customers tended to unsubscribe, the ones who stayed generated more revenue. Ignoring his intuition, he had his team switch to the two-a-day model.

This was not a good decision. Whereas there is no doubt that the Groupon data scientists achieved statistically significant results, they failed to consider the long-term effects of the…


Method is a global strategic design and engineering consultancy. We use design and technology to solve big challenges for businesses, people, and the planet.

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